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Tammy Ezer is the founder of Unicorn Marketing Services. She has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing profitable initiatives.


Tammy has two degrees from The Schulich School of Business, at York University. And, she's a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt, trained in process improvement.

She published I Love My Agency: A Path to Better Brands to help marketers succeed through strategy and positive client/agency relationships.

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Every business situation is unique. At Unicorn Marketing, projects are tailored to fit the client's needs and goals.  Outlined below are our most popular services, which we custom fit to your situation.

Virtual CMO

Virtual CMO services allow clients to get the strategic planning and team coaching offered by a high-level marketer, at a fraction of the cost. In partnership with the leadership team, the Virtual CMO guides marketing resources in planning and implementing a strategy the delivers a return on investment and effort.

Digital Product Management

Our primary function here is translation services between business leaders and technologists. We work with companies in various industries to develop digital products (websites and apps) that deliver business performance. From in/out-sourcing decisions all the way through to implementation of new technology solutions, Unicorn Marketing can help your business take advantage of best in class digital products.

Marketing Audit

Is your business getting the best return on marketing investment and resources? Our comprehensive audit provides actionable take-away's that you can implement immediately. Audits include insight about your current plans, tools, tactics, budget, and team. Get a plan to improve results, increase productivity, and take your business to the next level.


Agency Selection & Management

Whether you're in search of a new agency, looking to improve relations with an existing one, or not sure what services you should be outsourcing, we can help. We offer a full suite of agency planning, selection & management services. The path to success relies on both choosing the right partners and working well with them during planning and execution.


WorkShops & Training



Your marketing team will learn how to maximize the results from your agencies. What they get from one day will reap rewards for years to come. We have extensive experience getting top performance from agencies. This is the foundation of our Agency Management Training Programs.

As a company grows, the needs of its marketing team evolve. With our Customized Coaching Programs, employers benefit from the advancement of marketing skills, tailored to specific objectives and tactics.  



Does your account staff have the mindset needed to surprise and delight your clients every day? Teach them how to think like a client with a customized workshop. What they learn in a day will keep your clients happy for years to come.



If you're suffering from integration fatigue, Unicorn Marketing can help. Our Digital Strategy Training Programs help your team deliver strategic, fully integrated solutions to your clients every time, all the time.

About Us

A marketing unicorn is a rare individual. Someone who understands the fundamentals of business and uses creativity, analysis, process, strategy and technology to develop programs that deliver results.


Rather than focusing on programs by using a few tools, a unicorn sees each opportunity as a chance to use a combination of skills to assess a situation and deliver a unique, integrated approach to achieving success.


Marketing Unicorn Services is different from other consulting companies:


  • We work in partnership with your existing team as an extension of internal resources

  • A focus on coaching allows our client’s teams to continue delivering results, long after projects are completed

  • We don’t sell ancillary services so our clients know recommendations are channel-agnostic and based on their goals



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"Every agency can benefit from Unicorn Marketing’s unique session on best practices for client management. The session was so relevant to our day-to-day client work that our team was fully immersed in the interactive workshop and it continued to spark engaging dialogue for days following.  This is a must-do for anyone in professional services.”


Cathy-Anne O-Brien, CEO, BlueSky Communications



Unicorns are hard to find. In stories, they magically appear in front of their beneficiary. If you’re reading this, your Unicorn is just a few clicks away. Let's discuss how we can help build your business!

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